Every year Brewdog organise a festival called Collabfest. Each Brewdog bar teams up with a local brewery and they brew a beer together. Over a long weekend in October all the beers are distributed throughout the Brewdog bars and they are served alongside all the other collab brews.
We were chosen by Carlisle Brewdog bar to brew a beer together. The beer we decided to brew was a tonka, cherry, vanilla and cacao imperial stout, which we named ‘Tonka Mon Cherry?’.
We brewed 40 kegs, which took us 2 brews on our small brew kit, these were then sent to 40 bars around the UK.
Over the course of the next few days, people used the Untappd app to vote on their beers and score them.
We were delighted to finish 3rd place overall, and were the top UK brewery. The 2 beers that finished above use, were brewed in Sweden and Iceland.